Yoga & Quantum Therapy

“The fear of tomorrow, the fear of failing, the fear of what is to come.”

Don’t miss this chance of empowering yourself with renewed ‘quantum energy’ – for every battle needs preparedness. In your session you will feel high energy flowing through your body which will immediately bring about centeredness.

What is Yogic Quantum therapy?

Quantum therapy is a holistic approach to healing that incorporates principles from quantum physics, consciousness studies, and spirituality. This approach recognizes the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit, and views health as a state of balance and harmony between these aspects of the self. Quantum therapy is based on the idea that at a fundamental level, everything is made up of energy, and that by understanding and working with this energy, we can promote healing and well-being. This approach emphasizes the importance of cultivating a positive mindset, reducing stress and negativity, and using techniques such as visualization, meditation, and energy work to facilitate healing. Quantum therapy is often used as a complementary therapy alongside conventional medical treatments, and can be particularly effective in treating chronic conditions, as well as promoting overall health and vitality.

What does it do?

It reconfigures your consciousness in real time and allows good health, well-being and centeredness.

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Meet the Instructors:

Ray Younis

Ray Younis started his healing journey at the young age of 21 years. It has been 37 years since he first realized he can tap a vibrational energy which has the power to infuse centeredness and help heal the ailing. He has healed many people who come his way.

In his regular life he is a passionate restauranteur in Los Angeles and was even featured by who else but Gordon Ramsey!

Reena Solanki

Reena Solanki  is a certified Yoga Instructor and Meditator, with a bachelor’s degree in Nursing. She heads the Raka Wellness Center, a unit of the Himalayan Institute of Cultural and Heritage Studies, while also being the administrative head of HICHS. Under her supervision and practice, HICHS has healed many people in the free clinic in Kullu and now Dhami, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

Experience the world of vibrations and energy healing

Lets work together to prepare yourself to overcome all obstacles as we zoom away your fears.