Courses Offered

Adornment Narratives:
Decoding Symbolism, Exploring Beauty and Expression in Himalayan Jewelry

What traditional jewelry types hold cultural meanings in the Western and Central Himalayas? How did adornment evolve in the Himalayas, influenced by various factors? How does sketching jewelry enhance appreciation and understanding of Himalayan adornment?


Eternal Impressions:
Building Memory through Landscape and Architecture

What is so unique about the landscape, culture and architecture of the Himalayas? How does the built space interact with everything else? How do landscape and architecture trigger memories and connect us to the distant past?


Mountains, Media, Materiality:
The Lived and Imagined Cultures of the Western Himalayas

Why do mountains matter? How do mountains matter? Why and how do dwellers, travellers, writers and artistes of different kinds come to express their understanding of highlands through particular expressions of style and content? What ideas of landscape, aesthetics, connectedness and culture do these understandings convey?


Fragile Frontiers:
Understanding Crisis, Conservation, and the Anthropocene in the Western Himalayas

What drives environmental change in the Western Himalayas and its link to the Anthropocene? How do urbanization, tourism, and resource use affect the Western Himalayas’ ecosystems? What challenges do local communities face in the Western Himalayas due to the Anthropocene, and how can they be addressed?

Sacred Secrets:
Unveiling Tantra in the Western Himalayas

What is Tantra? Why is it misconstrued? How does one understand Tantra in its Himalayan setting? What are the mysterious practices relating to the Tantric sects?


Tranquillity Unveiled:
Embracing Mindfulness

Are the pressures of daily life weighing heavily on you? Are work-related stressors taking a toll on your well-being? Are concerns about the suffering of loved ones causing you anxiety and stress? Are you finding it challenging to make important decisions and navigate through life's complexities?



The Himalayan Institute of Cultural & Heritage Studies Foundation is a non profit organization established in January 2020, in the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh, India. The inspiration for setting up the Institute came from a place of deep insight. In our quest toward settling in life, we focus on specializing in a specific profession. While the focus helps us sustain and strike a balance to take on the rigors of a pressured life, the choice often negates parts which may be of intrinsic value to us. Settled in life with paying jobs, there are moments when we yearn to relive bits and pieces of what could define our journey. Thus, HICHS was envisioned as an alternate solution for knowledge seekers, striving to reach the academic and non- academic alike. HICHS seeks to stand out as a place of learning which facilitates dissemination of knowledge in an immersive yet professional manner. So come and visit HICHS at the erstwhile state of Dhami, Village Bigri and Explore I Enlighten | Expand.



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