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Sonali Gupta is an archaeologist and cultural preservationist with a wealth of academic achievements and field experiences across multiple continents. In addition to her Ph.D. in Archaeology from UCLA, she also holds a law degree, a Masters in History and Archaeology, showcasing her diverse educational background. Her expertise encompasses the transmission of cultural skills and the study of material culture in both ancient and contemporary contexts.

Throughout her career, Sonali has conducted extensive fieldwork in regions such as India, Egypt, Indonesia, and Malaysia, focusing on ethnoarchaeology, anthropology, art history, and artifact analysis. Her work in South Asia and Southeast Asia has provided her with a broad range of experiences that enrich her research and preservation endeavors. Notably, she has led initiatives to preserve Himalayan culture and heritage, establishing nonprofit organizations like the Himalayan Conservation & Preservation Society (HCPS) in the US and the Himalayan Institute of Cultural & Heritage Studies (HICHS) near Simla, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Mentorship Specializations 

Specializing in higher education, cultural preservation, archaeology, and heritage studies, Sonali provides tailored mentorship programs that center on interdisciplinary projects, archaeological and anthropological fieldwork, sustainable living practices, Woodcraft, architecture, landscape, religion, heritage law, and the dissemination of cultural traditions and beliefs. Additionally, she offers guidance in grant writing, pedagogy, grant applications, and honing public speaking skills, further enhancing the professional and academic development of individuals under her mentorship for the subjects mentioned above.

Sonali has garnered numerous prestigious fellowships and awards, including a Post-doctoral Fellowship at UCLA for studying Iban textiles in Borneo and the distinguished Mellon Fellowship. She has been recognized as the Lewis and Clarke Field Scholar by the American Philosophical Society for her research in Egypt and as a Grantee for the New Colombo Plan Grant from the Australian Government for her work in the Himalayas. Additionally, she has received funding and fellowships from esteemed institutions such as The British Museum, British Academy, Kerala Council for Historical Research, and the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA.

Her publications, research grants, and experience underscore her dedication to advancing the understanding and preservation of cultural heritage. Fluent in multiple languages and knowledgeable in ancient dialects, Sonali brings a unique perspective to the fields of history, anthropology and archaeology, positioning her as a valuable resource for those interested in exploring and safeguarding the rich heritage of the Himalayan region. Through her commitment to education and outreach, she collaborates with scholars, conducts research, and organizes programs at both local and international levels.


Siddharth Pandey is a writer, cultural historian, and visual practitioner hailing from the Shimla Himalayas. He was educated in India and England and holds a PhD in English Literature and Materiality Studies from the University of Cambridge. Recipient of many awards and honours, he has held postdoctoral fellowships in literature, travel cultures, global history and art history at Yale Centre for British Art, LMU’s Centre for Global History, London’s Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, and the Käte Hamburger Centre for Advanced Studies ‘Global Dis:connect’ (LMU), Munich. His popular and academic writings have been published across national media and international platforms, and his photographic work has won commissions from London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and Durham’s Oriental Museum, among other places. His first book Fossil (2021) – a geo-mythological-poetic exploration of the Himalayas – was shortlisted for the 2022 Banff Mountain Fiction and Poetry Prize, widely recognized as among the most prestigious literary awards for Mountain Literatures. 

Mentorship Specializations 

Literary and Cultural Studies, Visual Arts and Architecture, Popular Culture, Landscape Literature and Culture, Children’s Literature, Fantasy Literature, Urban Studies, Creative Arts, Himalayan Studies, and scholarship applications, grant applications and academic writing pertaining to all of the above.



One-on-One mentoring session (One Hour) on any of the multiple topics based on the mentor’s specialization. 


One-on-One mentoring sessions (2-4 sessions/month) on any of the multiple topics based on the mentor’s specialization.