Ancient Egypt is mysterious to the core. With the decipherment of Egyptian Rosetta Stone by a French Scholar, Jean-Champollion (1790-1832), ancient Egypt became more accessible.  How were the Hieroglyphics written? How did the writing system record the Ancient Egyptian language?

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DURATION: 3 DAYS | START DATE: 07/10/2021 | BATCH: October 2021

Learn about Egyptian hieroglyphs from Egyptian archaeologists. The course will help students unravel the world of ancient Egyptian while studying Middle Egyptian hieroglyphics.

3 Day Course in October 2021 starting from 07/10/2021
Virtual Course using Zoom

Skills Gained:

  • Understanding of Egyptian writing, its evolution and end

  • Identification and an understanding of hieroglyphs

  • Ability to discern basic hieroglyphs in texts

Recommended For:

Recommended for archaeologists, anthropologists, historians and just about anyone.

  • Sonali Gupta LL.B., Ph.D. (UCLA) specializes in Archaeology and has worked for nearly a decade in Egypt, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. She is an anthropological archaeologist and has led the first international field school in India under her project “Myth and Reality in the Himalayas.” She has taught at UCLA, the National Museum, New Delhi, and her Institute of which she is the Founding Director, the Himalayan Institute of Cultural & Heritage Studies, situated in Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh. Her core area of research is cultural transmission of both tangible and intangible cultural heritage. She has various projects in collaboration with Flinders University, Institute of Field Research, University of Delhi and, the Archaeological Survey of India
  • Amr Shahat, Ph.D. (UCLA) specializes in Egyptian archaeology and archaeobotany. He completed his masters in Egyptology from the University of Memphis. He has wide experience in excavations in Egypt particularly in the Theban tombs at Luxor., Karnak temple and the Fayum.

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Is it a certificate course ?

Yes, you will get an e-certificate on completion of the course (during that month)

Will I be able to get a recording ?

Yes, you will get a recording link for a limited time only if you miss a class

Is this course good for me ? I am a beginner.

Yes, this course is tailored for everyone.

What are the general timings of the course ? Can we get recordings if enrolling from another time zone?

The timings are usually in the evening, Indian Standard Time, if you are in another time zone, we can record the sessions for you.

How do I pay ? Form of payment ?

You click on the "Enroll Now" button and transfer through Razor pay to the HICHS Foundation

Are you going to offer this course again?

Please keep checking the website. We may repeat it in due course.

Is this an online course ?

Yes, this is a virtual course with active engagement with students.
For the Middle Himalaya course, students get assignments and are graded as well.

In case of a technical glitch, will the lesson be rescheduled ?

Yes, the lesson will be rescheduled