The deity’s Shaman: The Gur as the mouthpiece of the divine

In the Western Himalayas, the tradition of the Gur or Shaman is inextricably linked with mainstream Hinduism. The institution of local deities in every village, delicately balances the deep-rooted class-based structure, where the lower classes are as important as the higher ones. The study of myths, rituals, customs, architecture through ethnography and other tools provides a unique opportunity in understanding the role of shamans or gurs in the humanization of deities and as the mouthpiece of the divine. The lecture explores the tradition of the deity and shamanism in the Western Himalayas and the methodology in understanding the past through present using both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Please join in on Thursday the 12th of August at 11:30 pm IST (3:30 PM Australia) for a talk with Dr. Sonali Gupta on “The Deity’s Shaman: The Gur as the mouthpiece of the divine” brought to you by Flinders University, Australia

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